As you know that the renewable energy sector is growing very rapidly which will not only make our country’s environment cleaner but it will generate 3 lakhs jobs by 2022. According to the study conducted by CEEW and NDRC, the initial job potential of the sector is 34,600 in wind power, 58,600 in ground-mounted solar projects and 238,000 in rooftop solar projects.In 2016-17 this sector employed about 21,000 people and is expected to double this year by 25,000 more jobs. About 70% of the new workforce will be employable by the labor intensive rooftop solar segment.Full-time employment for an additional 45,000 people in India because of strong growth in the domestic solar manufacturing industry. The government has set a rooftop target of 40[…]

You know that the change is coming and that change is “Automation“. What is automation? Automation means “self-dictating”.Automation replaces the human involvement with the use of logical programming commands and powerful machinery.Today’s highly competitive market needs, industrial automation because it increases the product quality, reliability, and production rate while reducing production and design cost. Why do we need automation? To increase production. To reduce the cost of operation. It will improve product quality. To reduce routine check. To raise the level of security. Impact Of automation One in four jobs cut may be from India.IT, security services and banking will be the first to feel the heat.There will be a quarter of people who will lose their job by 2020 because[…]

This article will introduce you to the crux of unemployment and educational unemployment which our economy is currently suffering from. Before that let’s read a story. Rohan completed his from Mumbai some years ago. After unsuccessfully looking for an engineering job, he started preparing for the Bank P.O exams. Today he’s a probationary officer in a centralized bank, even he’s a qualified engineer.If he had graduated from any college and sat for P.O exam the amount of 6 lakhs could have been saved which his parents spend on his course. There are many stories like this but one thing is common that people are educated yet unemployable and the root cause is our education system. Just have a look at[…]

Yes, that’s the title.You may be wondering how GST is remotely related to employment? Before I drop a clue, Lets Understand What is GST? GST stands for Goods and Services Tax. It is also known as a Destination based tax.It will replace indirect tax at the central and state level, However, it will not include alcohol and petroleum.GST is a consumption based tax i.e tax on value additions at the stage. GST is classified into three main categories:- 1) Central Goods & Services Tax(CGST) 2) State Goods & Services Tax(SGST) 3) Integrated Goods & Services Tax(IGST) GST helps to eliminate “Tax on Tax” or the cascading impact of the tax.GST will benefit the industry through better cash flow and working[…]

Today with the growth rate of 7.6%, India is the fastest growing economy in the world.If we look at the hiring intent for past 3 years the strong relationship between economic growth and hiring has been restored. There is a similar or higher rate shown as an intent to hire than last year.At an overall level, it may seem that growth in hiring intent is dropping every year, but if we combine past 3 years records there has been an increase of over 40% when compared to year 2014, which is a phenomenal figure. As we take a deep dive into the data interesting hiring trends can be seen.Telecom & allied, Power & management sectors have shown a decent increase[…]