data science life cycle

  Many people ask me, what is data science? If you asked this question to different data scientists, you’d probably get a range of different answers. Not only is the field so interdisciplinary, but the job market is also demanding different sets of skills from the data scientist in different job roles. Depending on the nature of their work, you could find a data scientist whose most time is spent on researching and coming up with new theories for the existing tasks, or even those who would come up with a completely new theory (Convolutional/Recurrent Neural Nets, I’m sure someone out there is probably working towards coming up with X Neural Net that might someday blow away these existing models).[…]

The ability to be a lifelong learner is an important trait that distinguishes successful professionals from mediocre. No matter how good you are at your work, there will still be things you do not know or need to become better at. With new information, skills and technological manoeuvres being added to every field at a rapid pace today, the importance of lifelong learning has only increased. Many corporate professionals realise this the wrong way. Static skills will turn you into a job market dinosaur In the rapidly changing corporate landscape, staying static in your skills and behavioural abilities can make you a dinosaur in your own world, sooner than you would imagine. Staying relevant to your time as you move[…]

Corporate hiring plans for 2017 point to robust employment opportunities for graduates of MBA and business master’s programmes, according to a new employer survey report from the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC). MBA graduates in demand Globally, 86 per cent of companies plan to hire recent MBA graduates this year, up from 79 per cent that hired them in 2016. Demand for these MBA graduates is strongest in the United States and Asia-Pacific, where 9 in 10 companies plan to hire these candidates. “Despite the political uncertainty about the status of immigration and work visas in the United States and other parts of the world, companies are keen to hire graduates from this year’s MBA and business master’s programmes, including[…]

The growing demand for skilled professionals in the IT sector has compelled many training institutes to adapt advanced tech tools to keep their candidates aligned with the latest skills. Tech skills are more important than ever as digital advancements have radically transformed the working world. The technology changes every month with new updates coming and going. If you work as a data analyst, the online tools you use don’t change quite so quickly, but you can surely update yourself every few years. In coming years, the skills of the digital age will be linked very closely to SMAC i.e. Social-Mobile-Analytic and Cloud. If we look at 2016, it was a year when most of companies laid off their employees for[…]