Business management is changing with the rise of knowledge economy and the effects of globalisation across the world. There are a number of reasons for the persistent challenges that students face at the time of employment. The gap between theoretical knowledge and the practice of skills is widening. The industry can play a direct or indirect role in addressing the root cause for this widening gap. At this juncture, ‘Industry Connect’ (i-Connect) for Business Management students is emerging as a useful and usable model that bridges the gap between academic business¬† school research and knowledge needs of practicing managers. What i-connect provides: i-Connect envisages industry collaboration with universities and colleges to help design, develop and deliver modules for training students[…]

Today, India is one of the world’s top destinations for education. With some of the best colleges and universities, it is renowned for its excellence and high standards. What’s even more interesting is how technology has advanced rapidly to transform the way students in India consume educational content. Additionally, the penetration of internet-based smartphones is taking quality learning to students across geographies in India. Today, little children are watching their favorite cartoons and learning pictorial rhymes on the same device. Education is being imparted to them through flexible and non-intrusive formats. As a consequence, students across all age groups are discovering the joys of learning and having fun while at it. There has been a noticeable shift in the perception[…]

The correlation between a good education and career advancement is no secret. And now there’s more evidence backing the advantages of an advanced degree. According to the recently released Monster Salary Index, higher education, especially a master’s degree, provides a significant wage advantage in India. “On average, employees holding a bachelor’s degree earn Rs 173.7 less per hour (45.4per cent) than employees with master’s degree. Employees with secondary education earn even less, exactly Rs 262.8 less per hour (69.2 per cent),” the report specifies. In previous years 2014 and 2015, the difference between secondary education and master’s degree employee was around 61 per cent. Being a continuous learner, be it by acquiring certifications, earning diplomas, degrees or an executive education,[…]

The job industry is seeing a number of new career fields coming up. But the first word of caution is that the availability of plenty of career choices today also leads to lots of confusion; hence we must take a few basic steps to plan careers effectively and choose the right career. Have a discussion on career choice All parents should ensure that they discuss the aspirations of their children with them. Caution should be exercised such that the parents do not force careers of their choice on the children or force their vocation e.g. doctor, lawyer etc. Do remember that careers in arts and commerce too have become equally rewarding today than ever before and parents should not insist[…]