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Hire right person to reduce cost

The cost of wrong hiring varies from companies to companies because of the variables. For a manufacturing company the labour cost of wrong hiring and replacement is one third of the employees’ turnover. SHRM found that this cost goes even higher to the 5 times of the employees’ turnover and the cost replacing an employee …

Recruitment Problems

Indian recruiters don’t use mobile recruitment tools

Although strong in applicant tracking system and video interviewing, many companies in India are not using mobile recruiting tools that help make the talent acquisition process more efficient, says a survey. According to the Korn Ferry Futurestep Survey, in India professionals are not taking advantage of tools, technology and business strategy as 4 out of …

Recruitment Problems

Strategies To Make Campus Recruitment Better

One of the most effective way to hire graduates is campus hiring. Every year, about 800 organizations hire more than 100,000 graduates from 3500+ colleges in India.The primary goal of campus hiring is to bring in fresh talent, it also helps to build a brand name among the top colleges in the country. It is the …