In recent times, people have started realizing the need to find the perfect aptitude-career fitment, which increases your chances for professional success.  The question now, is how to know if a career falls in sync with one’s aptitude(s). Here are five easy ways to do that: Build your knowledge on career and skill sets The first step is to do your own research to gain some perspective into the kind of activities a professional does in his/her career. Find out which skill sets are used in which professions. Information like this is freely available on the web, or you may speak to different people about it. Once you have identified some key skills that relate with a career, ask yourself[…]

Companies rely a lot on digital data in today’s day and age. Data helps them get insights, present facts and figures in a more composite and understandable manner, and also make predictions on the basis of information available. It is no surprise that technology recruiters today look for skills in data visualisation, data science, and machine learning. As per IIA, big data analytics tools will be the first line of defense, combining machine learning, text mining and ontology modeling to provide holistic and integrated security threat prediction, detection, and deterrence and prevention programmes. An ocean of opportunities Big data and analytics courses have been the big growth drivers in the past three years. An increasing number of professionals are signing[…]

Globally, women have always been the oppressed sex, often on the basis of physical strength, emotional inclination or preconceived gender roles. During the 1960s, the women’s lib movement in developed countries like the US and UK saw a definitive thrust in the direction of gender equality and the rise of feminism. Women in homes, factories and offices grew into stronger roles and made it clear that they are not weak. Can the organizations of today progress further in becoming women-friendly? Here are a few steps companies can take to welcome women employees: 1. A target gender ratio is a common starting point for companies across sectors. Some industries may have a higher ratio than others but there should be a stated aim that[…]

Advances in information technology, robotics and artificial intelligence are disrupting business models worldwide and triggering macro-economic shifts. As certain technologies mature and automation helps innovation flourish to bring cost savings, engineering talent needs to be trained and exposed to international experiences. The profession has become global in nature over the years with major companies having presence in various countries to reach more markets and leverage local workforce for operational efficiencies. New-age skills also make a person receptive to world-class standards of safety and quality. Rise in demand for engineers with multi-cultural exposure: Coming years will see a core need for engineers who are able to work in a diverse, multi-national, multi-disciplinary environment that sparks innovation and creative thinking. It is[…]

Working at a startup is like building a plane while it is in the air. It needs all of three – skill set, mind set and tool set. Startups look for candidates who are willing to work extra hours, ready to wear multiple hats, who are prepared for new challenges and uncertainties every day and are highly self-driven. The current year is not looking as bright as 2014 and 2015, as the focus of founders of some of the startups in early stage and growth mode have shifted from recruitment and marketing to customer satisfaction. As a result many companies have slowed down hiring and in some cases are deferring joining dates. The rules of this game are changing quickly.[…]

The oil and gas sector is amongst the core industries in India and enormously impacts other important sections of the economy due to its interplay with foreign exchange and dependency of various other industries. As per industry estimates, India’s oil demand is expected to grow to 458 Million Tonnes (MT) and gas production is expected to touch 90 Billion Cubic Metres (BCM) by 2040. Demand for energy will more than double by 2040 as economy will grow to more than five times its current size. As the sector gears up for this massive surge in demand and operations, it cannot achieve this daunting task without an army of trained professionals across all levels.   Things you must know about career[…]

What are policies? Policies are part and parcel of almost all the countries across the globe. India is one of the countries which has been working on a number of education policies since long. A policy is a deliberate system of principles to guide decisions and achieve rational outcomes. In short, it is a statement of intent, and is implemented as a procedure or protocol. Who makes the education policies in India? Apart from Union Education Minister, all states are free to initiate more education policies. The Central Advisory Board of Education (CABE) is the highest advisory body to advise the Central and State Governments.From the ‘No Detension Policy’ to a barrage of new education policies, here’s a look at[…]

In organisations today, employees development has become very important function of human resource management. The organisation needs to ensure that its employees are efficient and in line with the competition prevailing in the industry. To maintain and sustain these valuable resources, organisations are required to look after the job satisfaction and retention of employees. Today most of the companies are investing a lump sum amount of money on the skill development of the employees to have a competitive edge over its competitors and be successful in the long run. Employee development opportunities provided by the organisation not only helps the person in enhancing his skills or competencies but also leaves a strong impact on the organisational level outcomes. Enhancement of[…]

The cost of wrong hiring varies from companies to companies because of the variables. For a manufacturing company the labour cost of wrong hiring and replacement is one third of the employees’ turnover. SHRM found that this cost goes even higher to the 5 times of the employees’ turnover and the cost replacing an employee at the higher position with long term experience is much higher. Recruiters say that if a company has hired a wrong candidate they must find it out with in the six months of the hiring the candidate must be replaced because this whole process of rehiring will cost the company two and half times the cost of the employees annual salary in general. Why this[…]

What are the life cycles that you know about? While we all know that there is a life cycle for a product, even an employee in an organisation passes through a life cycle. Employee life cycle is a process where the life cycle of an employee in an organization is understood. An employee goes through many stages in an organization. From joining the company to understanding the business to becoming an expert at work to participating in strategies and in the end losing interest. All these stages compass the life of an employee in a company. Employee is also passing from same stages: 1) Introduction: “An athlete cannot run with money in his pocket. He must run with hope in[…]