Business management is changing with the rise of knowledge economy and the effects of globalisation across the world. There are a number of reasons for the persistent challenges that students face at the time of employment. The gap between theoretical knowledge and the practice of skills is widening. The industry can play a direct or indirect role in addressing the root cause for this widening gap. At this juncture, ‘Industry Connect’ (i-Connect) for Business Management students is emerging as a useful and usable model that bridges the gap between academic business¬† school research and knowledge needs of practicing managers. What i-connect provides: i-Connect envisages industry collaboration with universities and colleges to help design, develop and deliver modules for training students[…]

In recent times, people have started realizing the need to find the perfect aptitude-career fitment, which increases your chances for professional success.¬† The question now, is how to know if a career falls in sync with one’s aptitude(s). Here are five easy ways to do that: Build your knowledge on career and skill sets The first step is to do your own research to gain some perspective into the kind of activities a professional does in his/her career. Find out which skill sets are used in which professions. Information like this is freely available on the web, or you may speak to different people about it. Once you have identified some key skills that relate with a career, ask yourself[…]

The ability to be a lifelong learner is an important trait that distinguishes successful professionals from mediocre. No matter how good you are at your work, there will still be things you do not know or need to become better at. With new information, skills and technological manoeuvres being added to every field at a rapid pace today, the importance of lifelong learning has only increased. Many corporate professionals realise this the wrong way. Static skills will turn you into a job market dinosaur In the rapidly changing corporate landscape, staying static in your skills and behavioural abilities can make you a dinosaur in your own world, sooner than you would imagine. Staying relevant to your time as you move[…]

Today, India is one of the world’s top destinations for education. With some of the best colleges and universities, it is renowned for its excellence and high standards. What’s even more interesting is how technology has advanced rapidly to transform the way students in India consume educational content. Additionally, the penetration of internet-based smartphones is taking quality learning to students across geographies in India. Today, little children are watching their favorite cartoons and learning pictorial rhymes on the same device. Education is being imparted to them through flexible and non-intrusive formats. As a consequence, students across all age groups are discovering the joys of learning and having fun while at it. There has been a noticeable shift in the perception[…]

Companies rely a lot on digital data in today’s day and age. Data helps them get insights, present facts and figures in a more composite and understandable manner, and also make predictions on the basis of information available. It is no surprise that technology recruiters today look for skills in data visualisation, data science, and machine learning. As per IIA, big data analytics tools will be the first line of defense, combining machine learning, text mining and ontology modeling to provide holistic and integrated security threat prediction, detection, and deterrence and prevention programmes. An ocean of opportunities Big data and analytics courses have been the big growth drivers in the past three years. An increasing number of professionals are signing[…]