PwC(PricewaterhouseCoopers) is the second largest professional service firm in the world.It is among four big auditors of the world. PwC is present in 157 countries, 756 locations and more than 223,000 people work for it. About 22% of its workforce is from Asia, 26% from North America and 32% from Western Europe. Global revenue of PwC is $35.9 billion in FY 2016. PwC has launched Pwc’s Academy in India, the educational business of the firm. The academy aims to provide a variety of training courses, based on the best practices of PwC’s global network of firms and brings real-life business experiences into the classroom. PwC’s Academy focuses on improving the knowledge, skills, competence, and expertise of professionals and students in the areas[…]

One of the most effective way to hire graduates is campus hiring. Every year, about 800 organizations hire more than 100,000 graduates from 3500+ colleges in India.The primary goal of campus hiring is to bring in fresh talent, it also helps to build a brand name among the top colleges in the country. It is the most common recruitment practices, but campus hiring process is ad hoc and often mismanaged.Traditional campus recruitment involves many variables such as a large number of candidates to filter from, stiff competition between companies hiring simultaneously, and so on. There are many things that can go wrong.   Here are some strategies to improve campus placement Well-written job description A well-written job description can set the right expectations and help you[…]

Human Resource Planning means the task of matching people’s skills to the nation’s human resource requirement so as to provide productive job opportunities is a gigantic, yet the most vital thing for maintaining economic and social stability in the economy.Human Resource Planning has been on the forefront in the minds of Indian Planners ever since independence. If done perfectly, we shall be able to maintain unemployment at its natural rate. Hence, there is a need for bringing in perfection into our Human Resource Planning methods and processes. But history says that time and again, we have failed in our efforts to establish and follow fruitful Human Resource Planning processes. Needless to say, this has had severe repercussions on the economy[…]

India is the second most populous country in the world and it is rich in the human resource capital. Every year lakhs of students complete their studies and are ready to become potential employees.the main concern in the minds of the students is that whether they will get a satisfactory job or not .Every employee and students are facing a same problem that is unemployment. What about employers? Aren’t they subject subjected to any problems at all? The problems for an employer begins with the starting of an organization, gathering funds, hiring people and other resources. Right person for Right job Individuals with good grades are not only what organizations want these days they are looking for people who are talented and who[…]

Youth is a period of becoming independent from being dependent. India is a nation where 65% of the population falls under 35 age group which makes it a large young nation. About 34% of the Indian Gross National Income is contributed by youth. Youth has a potential to help India on a global scale it just needs a support of policy makers and private sector of the nation. Why Youth empowerment is essential Poverty Youth empowerment can reduce the rate of poverty in India at a significant level. With skill development, youth can be empowered easily. If we equip our youth with skills they can feed themselves, they can assist others and they can even invest which will increase employablity and GDP of the nation. Good[…]

India is becoming a gig economy( an economy which is not dependent on the permanent job) about 75% of our labor force meet the same criteria.In U.S 31% of the workers are part of the gig economy which means India is way ahead of U.S, but this not good. Self-employment in India is not a feature but a bug because every business is not viable and everyone cannot be a businessman. The only reconciliation of our 4.9% unemployment rate with 40% of our labor force working poor because most of our self-employed workforce is not productive.The poor cannot afford to be unemployed so they are self-employed.Self-employment is positioned as a labor market shock absorber for poor countries, it’s time to[…]

This article is an outcome of my curiosity.As I was reading an article about the impact of entrepreneurship on Indian economy.Suddenly a question popped in my mind that, Is self-employment and entrepreneurship is one and the same thing? Let’s find out Entrepreneurs and the self-employed are the two distinct variations of business owners. Who is Self-Employed? Working for oneself as a freelancer or the owner of a business rather than for an employer.Self-employed small business owners are limited to a stable business that can operate using the standardized channels of operations and financing. A self-employed person keeps everything to himself/herself like tries to do everything themselves, as no one will do a better job than them. They want to maximize profit and save[…]

Do you know that? Women’s workforce participation in India is the lowest among BRICS nations.You will be shocked to know that even Somalia do better than us in this case. In 2011 the workforce participation rate was 25.5%.In rural India, women workforce participation was 30% whereas in urban India it was 15%. Economist and sociologist have figured out many reasons for the falling rate and low participation of women in Indian workforce, which include raising children, family pressure, dropping out for further education etc. Women have faced a range of barriers in fully participating in the growth of Indian economy which also hinders India’s ability to continue to modernize.There are three main barriers which stop Indian women’s to contribute to the economy. Gender[…]

As you know that the renewable energy sector is growing very rapidly which will not only make our country’s environment cleaner but it will generate 3 lakhs jobs by 2022. According to the study conducted by CEEW and NDRC, the initial job potential of the sector is 34,600 in wind power, 58,600 in ground-mounted solar projects and 238,000 in rooftop solar projects.In 2016-17 this sector employed about 21,000 people and is expected to double this year by 25,000 more jobs. About 70% of the new workforce will be employable by the labor intensive rooftop solar segment.Full-time employment for an additional 45,000 people in India because of strong growth in the domestic solar manufacturing industry. The government has set a rooftop target of 40[…]

You know that the change is coming and that change is “Automation“. What is automation? Automation means “self-dictating”.Automation replaces the human involvement with the use of logical programming commands and powerful machinery.Today’s highly competitive market needs, industrial automation because it increases the product quality, reliability, and production rate while reducing production and design cost. Why do we need automation? To increase production. To reduce the cost of operation. It will improve product quality. To reduce routine check. To raise the level of security. Impact Of automation One in four jobs cut may be from India.IT, security services and banking will be the first to feel the heat.There will be a quarter of people who will lose their job by 2020 because[…]